About Us


ETM was founded in Egypt in 1951. The Company evolved to be a large group of branches in various countries of the world.
ETM famed by the diversified expertise in several tobacco industry fields. The company embodied a system of integrated business plan depending on the creative, out of the box designs side by side with the premium quality of tobacco and carefully selected flavors.
ETM- being one of the main and early developers of the Tobacco industry in Egypt and the Middle East, understands and fulfills the needs and requirements of the Tobacco Sector.

ETM- exceeded the clients and the markets expectations with innovative ideas of products including flavors; which are exclusively obtainable through The Egyptian Company for Tobacco, and packing that become more users friendly and cheerful.

Our Products


Is a new premium tobacco molasses, manufactured using only the finest French tobacco to give the ultimate sense of quality and pleasure during the smoking session. The European taste with the innovative design of packing empowered by the courageous pictures transmits a sense of imaginations among the clouds of strong aroma.

Vegas is available in 100g and 250g metal boxes to keep the molasses fresh as long as it can, and also to ease the process of multiple using.


  • 01. 69 Pleasure
  • 02. Arizona Night
  • 03. Blueberry Mix
  • 04. Casino Royal
  • 05. Double Apple
  • 06. Grape
  • 07. Manhattan Forever for ladies
  • 08. Manhattan Forever for men
  • 09. Dirty Martini
  • 10. Mint
  • 11. Sex On the way
  • 12. Orange Mint
  • 13. Patron
  • 14. Redheaded Slut
  • 15. Top Secret
  • 16. Vegas Ice
  • 17. Vegas Peach
  • 18. Whisky Sour
  • 19. Wild Sex

Extra is a new product that includes more than 40 distinctive and special tastes that provides a unique differentiated experience of molasses smoking.
Extra is available in 50g, 250g, and 1 kilo .


  • 01- Four Seasons
  • 02- Apple and mint
  • 03- Black grape
  • 04- Blueberry mix
  • 05- Blueberry and mint
  • 06- Blueberry
  • 07- Cherry
  • 08- Chocolate and mint
  • 09- Chocolate and coconut
  • 10- Coconut and lemon
  • 11- Cool lemon
  • 12- D-Apple
  • 13- D-apple and mint
  • 14- Grape and pear
  • 15- Grape
  • 16- Gum and mint
  • 17- Ice melon
  • 18- Ice mint
  • 19- Lemon and mint
  • 20- Lemon
  • 21- Mint
  • 22- Orange and chocolate
  • 23- Orange and cream
  • 24- Orange and mint
  • 25- Peach
  • 26- Pineapple
  • 27- Red power
  • 28- Strawberry and mint
  • 29- Strawberry
  • 30- Tropicano
  • 31- Vanilla
  • 32- Watermelon and mint

Who We Are

Our Factory

In its pursue to master the molasses market in terms of quality, ETM acquired top of the line technology that will help remain on the right track.

ETM- arsenal contains machines made by world leading manufacturers of tobacco- related machinery both in primary (conditioning –cutting) and secondary (processing, pouching, and packing) sections.

Vast and well equipped and designed storage areas were also set up to guarantee the continuity of production as needed. A laboratory for testing and quality compliance is operating dynamically inside factory premises of 4000 square meters.

For further information please contacts us on: info@shishaetm.nettis.

Our Vision

ETM- understands very well the rapid changes taking place in the market and the needs of the clients which vary from country to country; accordingly the company is implementing a fast growing strategy to reach faster to these aims and to transform these requirements into targeted goals in the real world.


Tobacco industry is a wide open sector that contains dozens of companies. Knowing that fact made ETM think of something different and unique by blending experience, efficiency and creativity where it finally came out with the most outstanding products with the best quality.

ETM’s team is always eager to keep up with new technologies; translated to equipping our factory with the most up-to-date machinery that is full automated. Moreover, providing the factory with the most experienced manpower at the tobacco field; resulted in a mix of innovative ideas and authentic handicrafts.

Mr: Chairman

Message from Mr: Chairman

When we first thought about issuing this profile, we primary intended to reveal a glorious
history of a company that substantially worked with dedication and devotion for more than
years evolving from a single company to become a group of agents and distributors.
Though our successful business journey, the company embodied perfection in all its
endeavors; considering honesty as our main value through which we can achieve our goals.
Commitment and high professionalism granted "The Egyptian Company for Tobacco" the
necessary respect from all business partners and clients. The company name now reflects
credibility and reliability in Egypt being considered as the biggest Arabian Market especially
in the investment field.


Mohamed Eissa