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Taste and smell very rich, the air is filled with its essence, a feeling of freshness, like its aroma, is remarkable feeling of clearance of the mind that causes favoring the concentration, imagination and creativity.
Available in Three Shapes: 1000g, 250g, 50g.

Unlimited, surprising flavor and pleasurable.
Let your imagination fly greatly enjoying the thought of the cool breeze of mint and watermelon.

The scent of orange with a touch of mint has a special attraction, Its intense perfume the stresses and causes a desire to try at all costs.

Taste of childhood, to awake palates giving you the necessary freshness in each smoke.
Available in Three Shapes: 1000g, 250g, 50g

Refreshing , very tasty as life itself, sometimes a bit acid taste & sometimes rich and fresh.
Available in Three Shapes: 1000g, 250g, 50g.

Before tasting, close your eyes and let your self be carried by the impact aroma and taste of a grape with a few drops of mint.

Pure and characteristic flavor of the mint, stimulating.
Floating on a cloud of freshness.

The taste of sun shine mixed with cool breeze is the ultimate sensation of Vegas orange mint flavor.